From left to right: Matthias Schäfer, driver (DHL), Laura Lutz, Head of Transport at the Kiel branch (DHL), Ingo Kutsch, Branch Manager Kiel (DHL), Stefan Ziegert, Product Manager (Scania)
22. November 2023

First fully electric ocl-truck on the eHighway Schleswig-Holstein

LÜBECK. The first all-electric overhead line truck is now connecting to the overhead line of the eHighway Schleswig-Holstein (FESH) field trial on the A1 between Reinfeld and Lübeck. Today, the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania handed over the all-electric O-truck named “Berta” to Deutsche Post and DHL. This is the first time that a major logistics group has taken part in the eHighway Schleswig-Holstein field trial and is demonstrating its openness to technology in the search for solutions for efficient, climate-neutral road freight transport.

In addition to the previous five overhead line hybrid trucks, the vehicle named “Berta” is the first fully electric O-truck at FESH. Berta has a battery range of up to 250 km. The range can be extended accordingly by drawing additional power from the overhead line. Each trip along the five-kilometer test track can generate around 12 additional kilometers of range by consuming around 10-12 kWh.

By using Berta on the eHighway, data relating to all-electric O-trucks will be collected for the first time as part of FESH’s accompanying scientific research, which will contribute to the overall assessment of the technology.