Other eHighway tracks

Three field trials with eHighway test tracks are currently being operated in Germany. In addition to Schleswig-Holstein, such test operations are also being carried out in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. All three field trials are distinguished from each other by their routing and individual study foci.


The ELISA test track in Hesse connects the major centers of Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt within the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. The commissioning of the overhead line route took place in 2019 in both directions of travel over a length of 5 km. Following a one-sided extension of the system, 12 km of continuous overhead lines have been available to a total of eleven O trucks from various freight forwarders in the southbound direction since July 2023. The ELISA test line is located on an important north-south link in the European long-distance transport network. In particular, the connection to Frankfurt Airport’s Cargo City South and the Darmstadt-Nord industrial park make the route an interesting connection for freight traffic. The selected route therefore has a high potential for the use of overhead heavy-duty vehicles and provides high visibility of the project to the logistics industry and the general public.


The eWayBW test track in Baden-Württemberg is another pilot project for research into electrically powered overhead hybrid trucks in Germany. Since this pilot project does not take place on a highway, but on the B 462 federal highway between Kuppenheim and Gernsbach-Obertsrot, the name eHighway was changed to eWay. There are very regular shuttles on this route due to the local paper mills. Five trolley hybrid trucks are in operation here. Due to the special local conditions, the overhead line route was divided into two sections on both sides. A three-year pilot phase is investigating the operation of hybrid trolley trucks. A scientific research accompanies the project. In addition to the trolley trucks, other drive systems such as electric trucks or hydrogen trucks are to be tested on this route. The plan so far is that the line will be dismantled after the end of the project period in the fall of 2024.

eHighways in Germany

Karte der eHighway-Teststrecken in Deutschland