Field Test eHighway

on the A1 motorway in Schleswig-Holstein

Maintenance work on the test track

EHIGHWAY. These days, the semi-annual maintenance of the eHighway test track is taking place. The maintenance intervals are comparatively tightly timed because the overhead contact line systems of the field test are still being tested.

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Road freight transport of the future

With climate change, mankind is facing one of the greatest challenges. At the same time, freight traffic in Germany is increasing more and more. There is great pressure for action in the mobility sector. Due to the increasing traffic volume, an expansion of rail as a means of transport will not be sufficient to achieve the climate targets that have been set. Other alternatives beyond avoidance and modal shift are needed to make freight transport climate neutral.

The eHighway Schleswig-Holstein field trial is one of three pilot projects in Germany in which the use of trolleybuses in real-world operation is being researched. On the 5 km section of the A1 between Reinfeld and Lübeck, the use of the overhead line infrastructure is being tested in both directions of travel. Five overhead hybrid trucks collect data here every day in combined freight traffic. The aim of the field test is to be able to evaluate the system technically, ecologically, economically and from the point of view of traffic, in order to provide politicians with a basis for decisions on possible expansion. The current funding period runs until December 2024.

Field Test Survey
eHighway Schleswig-Holstein

Friedrich Schiller University Jena is conducting an anonymous survey on the eHighway Schleswig-Holstein field test. The aim of acceptance research is to gather a broad picture of opinion.