The eHighway in Schleswig-Holstein

The eHighway Schleswig-Holstein extends for 5 km along the federal highway A1 (BAB A1) between Reinfeld and Lübeck. As a link between the ports of Hamburg and Lübeck, the BAB A1 is one of the busiest truck routes in Schleswig-Holstein. This approximately 70 km long section acts as a transit route for goods transports to Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States.

track layout

The section of road selected for the field test is located between the Reinfeld junction and the Lübeck interchange. The route is used by about 8,000 trucks daily. The Bode forwarding company also operates here in combined freight shuttle traffic between the warehouse in Reinfeld and the ports of Lübeck. There, the goods are transferred to rail or ships. The high traffic density on the route section and the recurring shuttle traffic form the ideal conditions for investigating the future prospects of the eHighway under real traffic conditions. The section has three lanes in each direction and a moderate longitudinal gradient of up to 2%. It is crossed by a total of three smaller water bodies and two roads. In addition, a railroad system and the B75 federal road cross the highway above ground in the section. Passing the overhead line under the bridge was a construction challenge that was solved with overhead conductor rails. The contact wire is lowered from its standard height of 5.10 m to as low as 4.50 m at these points. One curve also required a skewed bracing of the catenary to ensure the correct transverse position of the contact wires. In combination with the longitudinal and transverse slopes of the carriageway in this area, this also resulted in a challenging initial situation that was reliably solved.

Übersichtskarte eHighway (Kartengrundlage © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende)