18. March 2024

Measurement of electromagnetic fields (EMF) inconspicuous

EHIGHWAY. During the construction of the eHighway, it was checked that the overhead line system does not have any potentially harmful environmental effects in the form of electrical or electromagnetic fields. To this end, measurements were carried out at substation 1 and evaluated by experts with regard to the 26th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV).

The FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH took individual indications from two road users that irritations of vehicle-internal radio connections were occurring on the eHighway route in the area of the railroad bridge as an opportunity to carry out further measurements of the fields at substation 2. An independent engineering firm was commissioned to carry out the measurements and prepare an expert opinion.

Measurements were then taken in the area around substation 2 and under the overhead line on the roadway. For this purpose, the overhead line was subjected to a current of approx. 400A over a longer period of time using a so-called load bank (load resistors). The fields for the alternating magnetic field and the direct magnetic field were recorded at various points over two days using various measuring devices. The measured values were extrapolated to the maximum design of the system. The results are now available to the plant operator and consistently show only low, unremarkable values.